Tanya Ryan


My name is tanya. I am a singing, songwriting, bass player. I have a passion for all things music, yoga and chocolate - and not always in that order. I have always had a soft spot for that time of year when garden peas are in their prime... and I will eat them until my thumbs are green. I can play the tuba, I enjoy getting floss in my Christmas stocking and I like to stand on my head. The word panties makes me uncomfortable, I strongly dislike socks - as well as those little corn things they put in stir fry.

I have many superstitous quirks, including but not limited to: lucky undies, crossing my fingers and painting my left thumb nail gold. The sound of people laughing makes me happy and I almost always spell my name with a lower-case t. I have an incredible weakness for popcorn, phone tag makes me crazy and I have absolutely no ability to keep plants alive. There are times that I will karate chop toilet paper from the roll... just to add some excitement to my day. I believe in honesty, hard work and bring grateful for the things you have; and that a smile can go a long way.

More at www.tanyaryan.ca

Phone: 4033058614
Email: tanyaryan@me.com


  • How do you like me now?? @theBVJ (That’s a @tobykeith reference, not me being a poophead.) https://t.co/dEtZA1H46M

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