Frank Eagle


The Modern-Day Desperado, Frank Eagle, is a power-house vocalist with a flair for the performance. A wide ranging repertoire, Frank is changing 1-man shows and putting it back in the hands of the audience.  

After become a staple and one of the most recognizable names in the Rockies’ music scene, Eagle packed up and let the big city lights guide him to Edmonton. In no time at all, Frank started booking gigs that took him all over Alberta. It wasn’t uncommon to go days in a row with limited sleep and hundreds of clicks added to his car. But his shows never once suffered.

The Northern Ontario born singer/songwriter has a commitment to the lyrics. Eagle hangs onto every melody, every note and still leaves you wanting more. Straddling the line between multiple genres, Frank is creating his own sound and blazing his own trails. With recording in the works and a steadily growing fan base there’s no limit to how high an Eagle really can soar.



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